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Katherine K. Wirick


Bunch of sketches for a story I may or may not ever actually do.

One hundred years ago a war began; ninety-five years ago today, two people who had tried to stop it were tracked down by militiamen, beaten, tortured, and shot in the head.

Wieland Herzfelde gets his first look at the Western Front.

Concepting a little, for a scene I probably won’t get to until page 30 or so. He’s been transferred to the Garde-F├╝siliers so his uniform’s changed a little. I can’t find reference on what their shoulder boards looked like (not even at, my usual go-to), so I may have to cheat them out somehow when I draw these pages.

Here are just a few of the anecdotes I’ve read about John Heartfield and animals.

Been profoundly miserable, like, levels of sad I didn’t know existed, since I came back from SPX. Maybe that’s why I felt like drawing something nice.

This is my new book. (To be more precise, this is the cover of a 12-page preview of my very long and not nearly finished graphic novel.) Bring $3 to my table at SPACE this weekend, or Stumptown Comics Fest next weekend, and you can have a copy.

Here’s how those panels turned out.

Hi, new followers! Here’s a page.

Page one, roughs to final. I do my roughs in colored pencil on a really cheap sketchpad, and my final pages in India ink on hot press watercolor paper. Aside from the panel borders, all the inking gets done with brushes.

I really need to pick a title for this thing…

(Links to higher-res versions, because my theme inexplicably doesn’t show them: roughs, final.)