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Concepting a little, for a scene I probably won’t get to until page 30 or so. He’s been transferred to the Garde-Füsiliers so his uniform’s changed a little. I can’t find reference on what their shoulder boards looked like (not even at, my usual go-to), so I may have to cheat them out somehow when I draw these pages.

Here are just a few of the anecdotes I’ve read about John Heartfield and animals.

Been profoundly miserable, like, levels of sad I didn’t know existed, since I came back from SPX. Maybe that’s why I felt like drawing something nice.

The finished page!

Dad’s funeral is next weekend, and I’m really too tired from planning that to write up any kind of analysis, but here are links to all the progress posts: workspace, roughs, panel borders, detailed discussion of roughs, pencils closeup, pencils, line art, ink wash video.

some-stars asked: oh oh my gosh, draw yourself from Revolutionary Girl Utena, I feel you would fit in really well there visually. You have kind of a mid-nineties anime face.

Anime: actually super hard to draw when you are out of practice! But this was fun. I like being a ragey chick with a sword.

Style meme is over now, unless somebody sends me another suggestion.

Pencils! This page got delayed by some heavy-duty family stuff I have going on, but it always feels good to get through a stage of the process. (Taken with Instagram)

I have some new followers today. Hello! Here are some messy pencils. I tend to go into eyes a lot when I draw. Probably this is because I got my early artistic education from shoujo manga.

If you’re interested in NERVENKRANK, here is a mini-FAQ, and you may also enjoy this blog!

wehaveallgotknives asked: Adventure Time! You could be a princess or a hero or a princess hero or a vampire or a mysteriously ambulatory purple lump or anything else.

tatianaonegina asked: Final Fantasy (or Kingdom Hearts) if you please. I like their (may be a bit over the top ) art/visual style created by Tetsuya Nomura and others talented game designers of Square Enix %)

Uh, I did Amano instead, hope that’s okay? This is the outfit I was wearing yesterday, with a bunch of belts and dangly things added, because Final Fantasy.

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Let’s talk about roughs

I used to be super lazy about doing roughs. In fact (confession time), when I was an undergrad taking comic book illustration, I used to go straight to pencils, then lay a sheet of vellum on top and reverse-engineer my marker roughs in the ten minutes before class. This was bad, boys and girls! Roughs are VERY IMPORTANT.

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Roughs are done! (Taken with Instagram)

End of con sketches.

I had a great time at RathaCon yesterday! Hope they do it again in 2013.

I don’t do “con sketches” in the taking-requests sense, because I’m too self-conscious to do art on command, but I do get bored and draw things. Here’s a Yotsuba.

Are you reading Yotsuba&!? No? Do you like feeling good? Are you all out of Xanax? READ YOTSUBA&!.

This is my new book. (To be more precise, this is the cover of a 12-page preview of my very long and not nearly finished graphic novel.) Bring $3 to my table at SPACE this weekend, or Stumptown Comics Fest next weekend, and you can have a copy.

Here’s how those panels turned out.

Couple rough panels from page 7.