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Katherine K. Wirick


mscleopatrajones answered: Hi, I learned about yr tumblr from baking-soda; she reblogged yr GORGEOUS, MOVING Sandy Koufax/Jackie Robinson post. I’m now following you!

HI! THANK YOU! Those guys mean so much to me.

Okay, everybody.

I have been sending asks all afternoon to people who reblogged my boycott post, only to find out that some of them, I don’t know how many, didn’t go through. Also, I’m not sure my own ask box is working. Sometimes I hate tumblr.

Secondly, this has taken off in a way I didn’t expect, which is AMAZING, but I can’t devote all of tomorrow to sending asks out, mostly because I have 8 hours of driving to do.

So, we’re gonna use the honor system. If you’ve reblogged that post, go to my store and add “No One Is Safe - Digital” to your cart. When you check out, use this discount code:


It’ll take $5.00 off. You still have to enter your name and shipping information (more about that here), but you won’t have to log in to Paypal to complete your order. When you’re all done you’ll get a download code in your email.

Here followeth the list of people who’ve joined the boycott, as of 3:15 AM on September 16. Hopefully tumblr will notify you all about this post:

bloodstainedblossom slipstreamborne xekstrin eblaggers ofdandelions alexzandreazendi rwbyrambler totalmoetoolbag cfvy colourmesarcastic wizardtwinks polydangerous darrixs polyceridae son-of-soul weaseltotheface grizzlybeargrenade headphonesdoll khaosxdiskord how-do-i-theatre awake-atnight noirandchocolate afrlka heroless-skies annotatemyface everyending playthatnonsense sketchtheink insomniackid7 thatonewiththechaosfetish smallvaux grandtheftcanine heartfeltheartbreak igotsnolife darkhair-greeneyes dromayr feenathecute seafoamkisses thewanderingdelusion inthenameofthemoonfuckoff sleekitsicarian ab-i-gail pun-ishablebydeath silverdancerx98 ciel-sombre kstipetic cabbageormurder jekoh cjjoughin lennonhead theraar wehaveallgotknives dashbutts askshi omidtheamnesiacender micerhat therain-stains thewonderofliving mcdevinpants kyzano thetrekkiehasthephonebox machenop duhjwooly akaczism navalenigma akingforbobby theracismrepellent thepsychoticfuckingbiotic blackeyesinthewild artistically-jasmine thsissilent amnicitiae imfrompallettown keilasaur serialkittycat weaponized-silence cryfarting recovery-after-depression peace-love-happiness4ever kiramonkeys freshest-tittymilk iliketoforkmyselff earthshaker1217 vulkhaleesi indragamano ajcink enolase frozenwithversaceice howeverhere genuinewhitegirl theyellowlyon firemaster100 freezzie harkerling endorphinique ladysaviours i-signed-up-for-this pidgeling agraceofhearts kahtiihma eldisputo the-christmas-pug fetus-cakes punk-lemon deadbaratheons spacehoudini agent-ara vividais bandpants chihuahua-lamp malignantcinema surrealistdreamer crockercorpsdarkjane themercifulmeow jackmarlowe fouillis bennettmp339 assholocracy olyyve serenemalevolence ashthongs potofsoup sadghostboners mazarinedrake alamex amuseoffirebane spitfiresam fifi-thatmodelchick damiannetumbles hymnforthoseleftbehind typingsdrawings rawr0609 kaxen saturnineaqua ceceyanes obscurereferencewoman fortunefavorsthebrave3 silencelistening fuzzehdeath /

If you have not gotten an ask with a discount code in it, please message me

I’ve been sending asks all afternoon to everyone who reblogged the boycott post, and some of them have gone through, but I don’t know how many. I want to get your comics to you!

So frustrated with tumblr’s UI right now. Has ANYONE gotten an ask from me with a free comic code in it?

To everyone who reblogged my boycott post:

Thank you! Please open up your askbox. If I can’t send you an ask I don’t have any way to give you the code so you can get your comic. If you reblogged the post before 8 PM EST, you should have gotten an ask from me. If you didn’t, let me know.

I just realized, Storenvy makes you put in your name and shipping address even when you’re buying a digital comic for $0.00. If you’re not comfortable with that, you can try putting in a fake name/address—the email address has to be real but the rest shouldn’t matter—or send me a message and I’ll tell you how to get the comic without going through the purchase process.

WHOA, THAT’S A WHOLE BUNCH OF NOTES ALL OF A SUDDEN. I love you all, please be patient with me if it takes me a little while to get you your codes.

NEWS FLASH: Urban Outfitters has done something horrible and offensive.

UO does horrible, offensive things all the time; take a look if you don’t believe me. This time, though, it’s personal.

That kid up there, Bill Schroeder, was killed at Kent State. He was a friend of my father’s. They were in ROTC together. If it hadn’t been for a single meaningless choice, a roll of the dice, it could’ve been my dad instead of him.

I will give a free digital comic to ANYONE who publicly pledges to boycott UO and its subsidiary brands, Anthropologie, Free People, BHLDN, and Terrain.

They’re not selling the shirt anymore, and they’ve apologized (unconvincingly). The next group of people they dehumanize might not happen to include me. But it’s a sure bet they’re going to keep on being a moral cesspool. The best thing you and I can do, as far as I can figure it, is not shop there, and tell other people not to shop there. 

Here’s some info about the comic you’ll get. You can pledge here by reblogging, you can tweet @kwirick, or you can pledge on Facebook. I’ll send you the discount code.

Urban Outfitters made Bill Schroeder a joke. I want to introduce you to him as a person.

There are going to be 700 exhibitors at this year’s SPX. That’s CUCKOO BANANAS. I like to be helpful, so here’s a handy map of some people I dig! If you’re an exhibitor and I didn’t include you, it’s because I’m a jerk and you should yell at me about it.

That self-portrait is kind of old. I don’t have bangs anymore. But I do have a headache!


ALSO, there will be some other goodies which will remain a secret until I get together a tumblr post about them.

Please come and see me! I promise to give you my full and undivided attention as long as you don’t stop by while the Dodgers are playing the Giants.

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