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Katherine K. Wirick


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Bunch of sketches for a story I may or may not ever actually do.

dodgersblueheaven recorded the Q&A session with Koufax that I adapted “Little Things” from. Thanks!


The 2006 interview can be heard here.

Additional research from Jane Leavy’s Sandy Koufax: A Lefty’s Legacy (HarperCollins, 2002).

You all know how I feel about pitchers but it turns out I also have some strong feelings about shortstops.

Comics are happening


The first person who can identify these five people and tell me what they have in common* wins a free copy of PICTURES OF PITCHERS.

* “They were all baseball players?” doesn’t count, sorry

Tumblr, you’ve already been beaten by Facebook but I’m giving you one more chance at this.


  1. They are in chronological order, left to right, by the date their careers started.
  2. They were all contemporaries, although the first and the last only overlapped by three years. 
  3. They are the only five people who have this particular thing in common.
  4. States where they were born, in no order: Maryland, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, Kansas.
  5. Cities that made them famous, in no order: Detroit, New York, Pittsburgh, New York, Washington DC.
  6. One of them had a brother called Butts. I swear this is true.
  • Googling “baseball butts” may or may not be helpful.